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StuartCo Application for Apartment Occupancy Agreement Terms and Conditions:

This investigation may include the exchange of information and a report from a credit-reporting agency. The applicant(s) authorizes a search of the Minnesota State Criminal Records Repository and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigations Criminal Justice Information Criminal Files.

Should applicant(s) desire to cancel this application, the security deposit will be retained as partial payment of the first months rent unless the application is ultimately denied by StuartCo.

If management does not notify applicant(s) to the contrary within five working days, this application will be considered accepted, in which case it is understood that said apartment is being held for applicant(s) and made ready for occupancy.

If applicant(s) do not take possession of said apartment on date specified, the first month's rent is due and payable. In this event applicant(s) security deposit will apply against the rent due.

The payment of a Deposit holds the apartment for the Applicant subject only to the Applicant successfully being screened and accepted for occupancy. By paying the Deposit, Applicant is asking Owner to take the apartment off the market and to lose the opportunity to market and/or rent the apartment to others.

  • If Applicant changes his or her mind about the apartment, the Deposit will be applied as Liquidated Damages to Owner's loss of marketing time and will not be refunded to the Applicant.
  • Deposit will also be retained by Owner, and not refunded, if (1) the Rental Application is not accepted because it contains false or misleading information or (2) you sign the lease, but fail to fulfill the terms of the lease.
  • The Deposit will be returned to the Applicant by mail within seven (7) days of Owner rejecting the Rental Application for reasons other than Applicant supplying false or misleading information
A landlord must return the applicant screening fee if:
  1. the applicant is rejected for any reason not listed in the required disclosed criteria; or
  2. a prior applicant is offered the unit and agrees to enter into a rental agreement.

If the landlord does not perform a personal reference check or does not obtain a consumer credit report or tenant screening report, the landlord must return any amount of the applicant screening fee that is not used for these purposes. (11)

If a landlord accepts an applicant screening fee from a prospective tenant, the landlord must:
  1. disclose in writing prior to accepting the applicant screening fee: 
  2. the name, address and telephone number of the tenant screening service the landlord will use, unless the landlord does not use a tenant screening service; and 
  3. the criteria on which the decision to rent the prospective tenant will be based; and 
  4. notify the applicant within 14 days of rejecting a rental application, identifying the criteria the applicant failed to meet. (11.1)